the name of a game?

Hello, guys!

I’m wondering how to call this game:

There are two identical pictures. But there’s differences between them. You should find them (as soon as possible, or in the given time).

Is it called “find differences game”? I googled and many results come out, but there isn’t unique name for the game. “Find the differences between two pictures game” “Find the differences” “Find Differences Game”, etc. Can I pick one of them? Isn’t there any specific term for that kind of game? Please let me know!

Thank you in advance,

I know exactly what you mean, but I don’t know that there is one specific name for all of them. As you said, different publications will call them different names.

I’ve also heard them called “Spot the Difference”.

Thank you for your attention, Skrej! I think “Spot the Difference” is more common than “Find~”, because Wikipedia has its category. ( It says it is also called “Photo Hunt”.