The movie which touched your heart!

I respect movie when it succeeds to make one cry

brave heart movie, touched my heart, as if I’m a newborn…

So which movie did the same thing with you?

Thank you.

The film that touched my heart most was, “Meet Joe Black”, because I identified so very closely with Bill, the character portrayed by Anthony Hopkins.

I think this was because I was going through a very similar period in my life, or perhaps I was being maudlin.

I’d came through a very traumatic five years of my life, and I was now, having had a heart-attack, totally convinced that I was going to die.

I watched this film several times, (always when I was sure I would not be disturbed,
'cos I’m supposed to be a hard-man, right) and I always wept like a baby.


Good morning Kitos

People say the feature of human is the mind. but we can say the feature of human is the tear

Have a nice day with a tear of mercy.

Thank you.

The movie that touched my heart is, Today, I watched Beyond Enemy line. It touched my heart! The main character have been hunted by a army who prevented their cruel deeds from being revealed all over ther world to kill him because they thought he must have had a evidence of their cruelty. Its story is good but its picture is also good! And I also like Bourne series. The movies are about CIA agent who lost his memory strains to to recover his memory and the process is very agnoy for him. The movies have lots of suprise. You can’t guess what’s going to happen in the movie. I also like Terminator 2. This movie is also great! All of the movies, I like this most. And, Bridge at Madison county, Redemption of showshank, MI:2, Pirates of carribian"dead man’s chest", Series of Lord of the rings, Bloody Diamond, Titanic, Ghost. I am kind of surprised that there are few replies in this post because I think many like movies and American TV drama.