The most important and difficult skill: listening, speaking, reading and writing?

Among four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Which one do you think is the most important and difficult?

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I think speaking and listening are more important than the others, because if we can speak and listen well we can communicate with other people in the world.


All four skills are important. And which of them is difficult depends on you :slight_smile:

i agree with Afarhans
it is not easy to talk with another, particularrly by a new language

The most difficult and important do not necessarily go together.

The most difficult is writing.
The most important is speaking.

Just my opinion.


Understanding is sufficient. That is why listening becomes to necessary condition :slight_smile: So, necessary and sufficient condition is to listen to talker and understand him/her :slight_smile: Then you can explain with help of hands and mimics :slight_smile:

The most difficult is listening as I am both Swedish and hard of hearing.

I agree with Gray, all four are important and difficulty level depend on person to person. For me, listing is difficult. Speaking, reading and writing involve some activity. I cannot stay calm and just listen. That is why I and many people get bored in long lectures.