the more you explain; the muddier it gets

No, I did a little research on this forum and found the user they appartently have in mind: … thor=Molly

Evidently, Mollster (as Amy is fond of calling him) is an integral, even inextricable part of the ESL community that envelops the whole world.
You can’t call yourself a true, died-in-the-whool ESLer if you havent’t heard of Mollster.


For those of us who’ve been around this site for many years, that word (that dare not speak its name - apologies to Lord Alfred Douglas) caused havoc a few years back but was thankfully banned some years ago. At least I hope so!


OTS wrore: You can’t call yourself a true, died-in-the-whool ESLer if you havent’t heard of Mollster.

  • I thought, you really meant ‘died-in-the-wool’.

or, ‘dyed-in-the-wool’, to be exact.

Yep, Bullseye!
That is the way it is listed in the dictionary, I just checked. Thanks.

[size=75]So as not to cause confusion among other forum members, I’ll leave my incorrect “version” as is[/size]

Hi Alan,

We just cannot believe he and his team have so simply given up here. His team in further subtler disguise is within your sight.



@Prof. Alan: Many thanks. I do hope in this forum, I can keep myself to be always “on the right track”. As a human, most probably, I can make a single fault or more, consciously or unconsciously, but as much as possible, I will manage and control my temper, though it is probably, there are some who commented with provocative words. It can make me a bit upset, but I try to be positive. No one in this site means bad, we’re all here with the same purpose, just to improve our knowledge and skill in English. I get lucky to be here and meet many friends, from different background.

@James: Thank so much for the long explanation. Finally, I knew that James is a team, consists of three. Feeling sad when I read your last sentences. It indicates a farewell expression. Please do not leave this site, I think your presence is still needed. If there’s a sort of misunderstanding, It does not mean, we have to end up with separation. I always get sad with any kind of separation…:(:frowning:

Hi Pipii,

Don’t assume there were 3 people in that team. Just 3 personalities in one mind.

No Molly, that is not true. Your ‘sharp brain and good sense’ is based only on your peculiar way of thinking, so you can only think of other people doing things as you do. By the way, you seem to us having nothing to do or nowhere to go but ‘languaging coaching’ here 24 hours and 7 days a week with your broken grammatical system. Are you ‘jobless’ these days at other forums? Just FYI, I am ‘James 2’.

So James, are you going to sign off in each post which version of James is writing?

James I, James II or James III ?

From Thredder (the one and only)

Hi Thredder,

He needs to keep track or he’ll be signing himself off as Molly 6.75!
There you are - that’s for the mathematical James.
Was it James IV who said that their ‘mission is over’? He doesn’t seem to have told the others.

We can sign off to make you happy…, enjoy your happiness. The fact is, you can’t afford to sign yourself out of here, right? You just can’t live without ‘teaching’ in here.

You like trying to make fools of others, but that’s back-firing spectacularly. Don’t go on my account. Just don’t ‘cry wolf’ too often.

OK. Just a weather forecast for you: you will search for others to feed on after our leaving. You just can’t help it. Salute, Molly.

Beeesneees: If so, I can’t imagine, he should be so brilliant. Multidisciplinary talented person.

Talented, but misguided. He could be so helpful. Instead he decides to mess around and give learners misleading information.

Beeesneees: Just don’t ‘cry wolf’ too often. Could you please tell me the meaning of “cry wolf” ? Thank you in advance.

Hi Pippi, to ‘cry wolf’ is an expression which strictly means “raise a false alarm”. It is derived from a traditional tale - the fable ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf.’
In the fable the boy raised a false alarm about a wolf attacking the sheep several times. Then when a wolf finally did attack and the boy’s calls were genuine, no one believed the boy and nobody came to help him.

My point here is that if James continues to tell untruths (such as trying to pass himself off as a native English speaker - albeit without actually saying straight out that he is - or saying he will leave, then not leaving) then no one will believe him when he tells the truth.

Beeeneees: If he finally left this forum, and never be back, sometimes people will miss him. Actually, there’s no real hatred, in togetherness (with intensive interaction) some misunderstanding occured and we fight. But if he has gone, unconsciously we miss him. There’s thin line between LOVE and HATRED. That’s my personal view based on my own experience…:slight_smile: