the more you explain; the muddier it gets

‘The more you explain; the muddier it gets.’

Is this expression used commonly among native speakers?


Yes, and it should fit my case to an inch on this forum.

It fits a variety of threads on the forum too.

Hi James,

Do I sense a slight slur on the forum in this comment?


Oh, I was just repenting as the only mud maker here…

Oh peeps, chill, cheers, thanks.

James, your sentence isn’t clear to me.

Oh, I was just repenting because I thought I was the only mud maker here.

Is my sentence correct?

If so, does “as” substitute “because I thought I was”

If not, please explain grammar in your sentence.


Yes, your sentence is correct, E2e4.

James: What do you mean with “mud maker”? Has it the same meaning with “trouble maker”? Thank you in advance.

Something like that, Pipiii. :smiley:

Hi Pipii.

He makes mud… dirt
and then he slings it around the place to get a reaction.

Beeesneees and James: Thank you so much…

Who is he, Molly or Mollyman, slinging dirt around a long time to get a reaction? Save your academic lecture, 3rd rate wind up merchant, 'cause you impressed me with a non-academic beauty. :slight_smile:

James: What you said to Beeesness, is it a sort of criticism, the way you joke, or you were saying it cynically? I am not sure with the third option. How dare you did it with the coach of this forum? hehehe…}

Hi Pipiii,

James thinks it is fun to watch people react to his lies. This is a shame really because many of the points he makes in these forums are helpful and correct, but because they are mixed in with messages intended to tease and deceive, he leads people down the wrong path.
In addition, as he is an English learner himself (despite his protestations to the contrary it is obvious that he is an accomplished English speaker but not a native English speaker) he makes mistakes from time to time. He seems to take constructive criticism of his English rather badly, which led to the above outburst.

Beeesneees: He’s also learner here? I think he’s an assistant of language coach in this forum. As the coach, can you evaluate how good is his English? Anyway, if there’s a learner who talked bravely as he did, are there warning or “punishment” from the ESL admin? Whatever it is, I do hope he never means bad, only for making this forum being more interesting by various discourse.

Hi Pipiii,

We do not ‘punish’ contributors on these forums. We discourage people who try to disrupt the smooth running of the forums for various reasons and if they persist, we warn them and ultimately if they ignore such warnings, we ban them from the site.


Hello Pipiii,

Although we talk for the first time, I can feel you are a kind person. :slight_smile: Since you seem interested in me or us, now let me tell you the truth.

I have to admit Beeesneees possesses a sharp brain and a good sense. However, just to add something to what s/he said, first, James is actually a team having three members with very different backgrounds from one another. James 1 is an engineer who’s got a crooked hobby trying to fit everything into his math formulas; James 2 is an accomplished ‘linguist’, but he is a native speaker. James 3, who is me, is interested in this forum very much and have guessed or found a long time that actually many members have many names passing for different people – not like us – we share one account. :smiley: We’ve already known a number of who-is-who’s, but that’s not a big deal. My interest is to find Molly here because he had made me sick and I am sure actually he is also working on a team with more than one person. I even suspected Beeesneees was his wife! (sooooorry) :)! Anyway, this was a test, and we are quite satisfied with the results – no matter whether the real Molly is found or not – because many language coaches here are always too confident in judging everything… (smile)

Take care, Pipiii. This world is not that friendly to kind people like you. Even goodwill can be mixed with selfish purposes, and this forum is not, of course, an exception.

We won’t bother you all too often from now on because the mission is over.

All James

The plot thickens!
Maybe you ought to have created separate accounts for each of your earthly incarnation.
Because you sharing one account confused the heck out of us.


Is it related to a character from a novel by Daniel Defoe? (Moll Flanders)