The meaning of: Am I in the way?

What does it mean:
Am I in the way? Has it something to do with interrupting the conversation?
I met it in one book and it sound a little strange to me.

Hi pivosz,

Yes, it could mean that you are interrupting a conversation in the sense that other people stop talking when you arrive. But usually it is used in a literal sense of blocking someone’s way or path. If you are standing in a narrow corridor on a train and someone is trying to carry a large case along the corridor, you could literally be ‘in the way’.


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Hello Pivosz

Do not confuse the two.

1- On the way.
2- In the way

-I am on my way to your house.(This means I am coming to your house and have covered some distance)

-There were many obstacles in my way.

Do you understand it? If not I can send you more examples.


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