The material on a match-stick


Could you please tell me the spicific name of the material (that we burn by striking) at the end of a match-stick?

1- The ----------of the match-stick was wet, therefore, it could not be lighted!


Wow, what a comeback, Tom – you’ve been busy as a bee!

I think it’s sulphur, but am not quite sure. What I do know for certain is that breathing it in is unhealthy.

So, which do you prefer – the match stick was lighted or the match stick was lit?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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I always use ‘lit’ as the past tense and past participle of the verb ‘to light’.

M.Swan suggests that lighted is better as the third form of a verb whereas lit is better as an adjective.

1- The candles have been lighted.
2- Dimly-lit rooms.

What is your opinion?


Hi Tom

I wouldn’t worry about the specific material at all. Instead I’d say:

The head of the matchstick was wet, therefore, it could not be lit/lighted! 8)

By the way, check your spelling:

specific :wink:


Here’s a bit more on matches:

Those ‘strike-anywhere’ matches (which I’ve never found in my part of the world) must be like the ones used by cowboys in the old westerns – they often struck them on the soles of their boots in a typically nonchalant manner. 8)