The man who would be boss!

This morning I came across yet another owner who was convinced that if he were to shout at his dog it would learn to obey him .
He failed to agree that the dog does not understand one word he is saying!

We can talk all day long to our animals in a kind, loving manner, and they will “pick-up” from your vibes that you are being nice with them, and will enjoy your words, but that doesn’t imply that they UNDERSTAND what you are saying.

Dogs have the ability to learn limited words when they are repeated in a mild manner.
“Come,” “Sit,” and “Stay,” are all they need to understand. You should persist with them learning these three commands and no others.

Of course, with the passage of time they will recognise your name, and the request, "Fetch, but they will NEVER understand a protracted conversation.

The guy was still unconvinced when I demonstrated how Rusty and Violetta responded immediately to my commands.

I left him shouting at his frustrated dog.

Ah well, you can lead a horse to water as they say.


dogs are a man’s best friend, they can understand what we said to them. even though they can’t talk…