The Legend of Bambo

Hey guys, I wrote a novella. It’s titled “The Legend of Bambo”. It is available on as either an e-book or paperback. This has been a private/public service announcement. hehe.

Story: It’s about tigers who act like humans. They speak, share, show emotion, think, drink beer, etc. But they are also tigers.

Really it is a fantastical love story with elements of action, drama, suspense, malfeasance, and comedy.

TD, if there’s a problem with this, let me know please. I’m not trying to milk anyone – it’s $3 for the e-book and $8 for the paperback.

For what it’s worth, the protagonist’s name was originally Bambi. I asked Disney Legal if I could call my (tiger, not deer…) protagonist by that name. They basically said that if “Bambi” were anywhere in my book, it would be my ass. lol. I am not going to war with Disney over a book that will probably sell 200 copies. hehe

Hi Tom, this is unbelievable. You really wrote The Legend of Bambo, I just checked it out on Amazon. Please tell us more about how you did it. We haven’t seen you in ages, was writing the book preventing you from talking with us on the forum?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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