The laws of nature.

The tiny field-mouse smelled the air around it as it slowly stepped amongst the fallen leaves of the big old oak tree that stood in the centre of the copse.
The air was warm, and the moon was full, and yet for the tiny furry animal the night was filled with danger.
It moved with the utmost caution, ever careful to not make the slightest noise.
Around it the copse was silent and peaceful.
Emboldened by the silence that surrounded it, the tiny mouse scurried forward in search of any tasty morsel it might be lucky enough to come across.
Above it in the big old oak tree, the eyes of the ever watchful owl widened.
It had been instantly alerted by the movement of its tiny prey.
It knew exactly where the mouse was located.
Spreading its huge wings the owl floated silently across the night sky.
The tiny mouse, completely unaware of its plight, sought for food amongst the many fallen leaves.
The owl swooped, and sank its razor sharp claws deep into the body of the tiny mouse whose scream of alarm was instantly silenced.
Rising on the warm breeze the owl delivered its victim to the nest of its mate who was patiently waiting on a beam in an adjacent barn.
He returned back to his station on the big oak in the copse.
Nature was once again about to repeat its endless cycle.


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