The latest monthwise-GRE words: words may repeat in same month

i found the site

latest monthwise-gre words may repeat in same month. site is updated regularly

Dynamite, you are dynamite! This helps me tremendously!!! I can’t thank you enough! Do you know if the list is from the computer or paper based exam? I’m taking my exam next week and am so nervous! Hopefully going through those questions will help me!!! Thanks again!

Dyanamite, thanks!
i visited the site! that’s awesome!

Thank you so much dynamite!! excellent info!

Thank dynamite. That website is really wonderful.
Thank dakini introducing it, too. ^o^

no mention guys…

I was trying to find that website you suggested but I am having trouble finding it. Are they having problems with the website right now or something?

dude can u just tell me how authentic is the website…and is there any other website on which il be able to find quany ques??

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