The judge’s standing in the legal community

The judge’s standing in the legal community, though shaken by phony allegations
of wrongdoing, emerged, at long last, _________ .
A unqualified
B undiminished
C undecided
D undamaged
E unresolved
F unprincipled

Here answer is B & D. My question is why not C & E?

If it is undecided or unresolved, it wouldn’t have emerged at long last. It would be those before it emerged, though.

Thanks Mr. Steve Thomas. I understand now.

One more:
[color=red]Ever a demanding reader of the fiction of others, the novelist Chase was likewise often the object of _________ analyses by his contemporaries.
A exacting
B copious
C respectful
D acerbic
E scathing
F meticulous

  1. What is the role of “Ever” here?
  2. Since I don’t understand the role of “Ever” I can’t workout the bold part.

“Ever” means that he had constantly been a demanding reader for a long time. If taken literally, it means since the beginning of time, but a little exaggeration is considered acceptable in this context. The best answer would be F. Judge not, lest ye be judged.

Being a perfectionist member of the language police, I tend to annoy the hell out of people without realizing what I am doing. Those who are offended are happy to attack me, and I completely understand that, but as I said, I’m not trying to call anyone stupid (if someone appears to be stupid, I figure everyone will figure that out on their own, and I don’t correct them) but rather, I am trying to augment their answer with supplementary information. In any case, D and E are probably correct in many cases…

Thanks Mr. Steve Thomas.

One more question:
. Most of his books drone on and on for chapter after chapter, each one providing yet another example of his thesis, the --------- of which can be found in précis form in the tome’s first few pages, and which is recapitulated from that point on.
❑ gist
❑ pith
❑ stub
❑ nimbus
❑ nut

What does the yet suggest?

“yet another” is verbal shorthand for “oh sheesh, here’s another one”.

Yahoo, the website, initially was “David and Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web” but they changed the name to make it easier to remember, Yahoo stands for “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle”, which David Filo and Jerry Yang thought was humorous way of saying “Yeah we realize there are a lot of other places to ho when you are trying to find the content you want, and we appreciate you choosing us.”