The invention of the internet has had negaitve effect .. agree or disagree ?

The invention of the internet has had negative effect … agree or disagree ?

The Internet is one of the most useful thing that man have ever known. when the internet discovered years ago it help us to make our life easier. it is a priority to everyone to have an Internet service either in home or work.
The internet service may become dangerous if we misused it. It may lead people several types of addiction such as illegal websites addiction or online shopping addiction.
hence, there are advantage and disadvantage of using the Internet.
I think that the internet advantage is much more than the disadvantage that’s why i disagree with the statement.

Since the invention of the internet sharing ideas and thoughts become more easier. anyone can make a blog for him self and people can see what he is putting in the blog and make a comment. it also helped people who are studying abroad to contact their friends and family by using social network programs.
The website that had been launched in the internet increased the job opportunities for many people who work in computer majors and many other related majors.hence, it decrease the amount of unemployed people.

Finally, The internet may have good and bad side but if we take a look in both side we will notice that the internet has benefit our society in great way.
Therefore, we should take what benefit us and leave the bad things to enjoy the internet service.

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Thank you Mr.kitosdad for the hard work in correcting my essay I appreciate that and I assure u that I have no intentions in ignoring your correction. Actually when I wrote this essay I was practicing on writing according to TOEFL test so I set a time which is 30 min. I wrote so quickly because I want to train myself in writing in limited time. And when the 30 min finished i was out of time so I didn’t correct my essay because I want to know ur opinion about my first essay with limited time. This is my first time in writing with a watch counting the time so I was so nervous :frowning:
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The essay was quite acceptable, but you mentioned “the Internet” a little too often.

I would like to ask few questions if u don’t mind
1-why did u used capital letter in the (Internet) ?
2- why did u used OF instead of TO in the sentence (it is a priority to everyone)? can u please explain to me the difference between them to avoid this mistake in my future essays.

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In spite of the many arguments to the contrary, many maintain, myself included, that the Internet is a specific “thing, or even a specific “place”. Therefore it deserves to be acknowledged as a Proper Noun, and to be capitalised.”
The "jury is still out " on this, but I personally will continue to recognise the Internet as a Proper Noun.

“It is in the responsibility of everyone to drive safely.”
“It is to the benefit of everyone that we study the English language.”

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If you had bothered to read my update, “Things are about to change,” then you would have realised why your score was reduced, as with everyone.
I edited it again to emphasise how serious my intentions are. Please take note.

I disagree with the statement that the invention of the Internet has had negative ramifications. Personally, I think that the Internet, a new step in people’s development, is a powerful database of all kinds of information. This step had unlocked the doors of many science discoveries that seemed chimerical before the Internet was invented. Internet prevalence branches out into two various fields: in society and in science. In society Internet is mostly seen as a chance of being in touch with friends, neighbors, and parents; as an example we can take into account such Social Networks as Face book, Twitter, and others. In science Internet takes its most part in space technologies, for instance, keeping frequency with astronauts clear.

The statistic shows that teenagers are using Internet very often. This is a beginning of all unfair speculations, unconfirmed notions, about viewing Internet as a noxious invention that lead to many appalling consequences. This truth is universally acknowledged that everything excessive is harmful, for example, excessive food lead to serious diseases; in this particular example, we can’t conclude that “food has had negative effects”. The same pattern is here. Using Internet too much, I mean surfeit of using Internet, is harmful and could be a cause of many mental and physical disorders. Therefore, Internet users are guilty for such disorders, not the Internet invention itself.

The importance of the Internet invention in science is difficult to overate. As mentioned above, the Internet in this field is mostly used in space technologies. It’s hard to believe but no cell phones would be possible if there is no Internet. In my view, no Internet–no information. As New York Times newspaper highlighted their main thesis: “A wealth of information!”. The same thing is here: “A wealth of Internet!”

If I asked to make an example when did Internet helped me I would mention the possibility of buying books On line. When I was preparing for the SAT, I needed to buy a couple of books; unfortunately, they were not available in my country and that’s why I used the Internet On line shopping and bought the books that I helped me as well as the Internet invention.

Finally, the Internet invention hasn’t had a negative consequences; on the contrary, as I see it, considering main points above, it was a great discovery of humankind.

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