"The Internet" or "the internet"


Could you please tell me if I could write “the [color=red]internet” with both a capital "I’ and small “i”?

Also, can I use the word without “the”?


Hi Tom,

I think it is always ‘the Internet’ at least it is how they taught me at the university! :lol:


BTW, you know what Bush said once?
He said “on the internets”. Why did he add s at the end ? :?

Hi Alex

I’d like to think that the inimitable Mr. Bush said that because he had heard that there is something called “Internet2”. Probably more likely, though, it was simply another example of a “Bushism”. :wink:

Hi Tom

There are lots of people who never capitalize the word “Internet” even though capitalization is technically correct. This Wikipedia article about the Internet and capitalization might be interesting for you.

No, you can[color=red]not say things such as “I surfed Internet for three hours yesterday” or “My PC is connected to Internet” or “You can find a lot of information on Internet”. You need the word “the”.

I had already asked my teacher before three months.She told all of them are correct also she said in the past we saw ‘I’ capital letter many times but today the internet become puplar so we don’t use I as a capital letter.
many thanks in advance