the individual - his or its?


Is the individual considered to be a person or a thing? Do you say “the individual and his talents” or “the individual and its talents”?

I’m looking for an explanation on this subject.


People are generally not considered as “it”, though my father used to use “it” for men who had long hair. My dad was a bit old-fashioned. :slight_smile:

Four possibilities:

“the individual and his talents”
“the individual and her talents”
“the individual and their talents”
“the individual and his/her talents”

Thank you Molly!

I guess “the individual and their talents” is the best option…at least it’s politically correct.

What do you think?


Hi, to all friends …
I am fewer currently busy these days, and about the question its / has
Please read these examples :
I said this picture is mine , and when any one asked me to whose this picture
I answer its mine , mean that the picture is for me or belong to me. means that ( its ) related to possess some thing to the owner … you understand? .And his usualy use as asking about possessive pronoun , read the example fellow:
has any one passed the exam ? it is the auxililary verb of three :
have . be . do .
e.g. Has he won the prize? The answer are : yes he has , or no he has not.

It’s OK for me, but it may not be so for a few of the posters here. :wink: The traditionalists normally crawl out of the woodwork on this one. Just watch… :wink:

“Their” as a gender-neutral, singular pronoun is accepted at almost every level of communication these days. Don’t forget that rewriting is always an option: Individuals and their talents.

You should answer “It’s mine” – In speech, its and it’s are the same, but in writing, of course, you can see the ’ IT IS mine=It’s mine.

The word “its” does relate to possession, but that’s not the word you used if you spoke the answer “It’s mine.” You used the contraction “It’s.”

I’m sorry, I don’t understand your question about “has” that followed.

well, read those examples ;
1- The car is for his .
2- the animal eat its food .
here the examples are wide to be understood for each , so its to possessive things , while has I thought for both things and man .