The Holistic Medicine

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The Holistic Medicine.
During the last years some major transformations occurred in medicine that changed public attitude towards health and illness.
The new trend which takes its roots from Hippocrates but have been forgotten in our materialistic age,
has begot series of clinics, courses, seminars under the common name “The Holistic Movement”.
The word “holistic” itself comes from the Greek word “holos” that means “global”, or “whole”.
The main concept of this movement states that physical, mental and spiritual aspects of human life are closely interconnected,
and they form a single whole. The second principle of the holistic approach states that the most efficient and in fact the only way to cure
a disease is to increase health potential of the ill man. There exists a fundamental belief that all kinds of life are full with vital force,
depletion of which leads to illness, while its activation leads to healing. This force has to be scientifically described and measured in the future,
but everyone can feel it inside himself.
Relatively recently the modern medical establishment has begun to integrate the holistic approach into the mainstream health care system.
In the United States, the first National Conference on Holistic Health was conducted by the Health Optimizing Institute and
The Mandala Society with the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine.
In Kiev, there is the Medical College of Ukrainian Association of Folk Medicine which educates specialists than introduce
the holistic approach in their practice. Besides that, there are a lot of medical centers in different cities all over Ukraine with the same trend.
In my opinion, in the nearest future the holistic approach will occupy a significant place in the modern medicine.

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