The History of English in 10 Minutes

Nice find!

Hi Claudia,

Golly gosh, woweee. luvly jubly, ooh ah, luvaduck, cor blimee - thanks for that. Or, put it another way -



Thank you, Beees!

Anything to arouse your exuberance! :slight_smile:


hel hel hel hel.

Dear Claudia.

Thank you very much for the “History of English”.

When I have time and patience , I’m practicing of understanding of quick talking.

Also ,you revealed for me the abbreviations, which are very useful.

For example: LOL= lots of laugh!

                    BTW=by the way

                    FYI=for your information

                    UHG2BK:You have got to(?) be kidding.

Who managed to decode the others- is asked to write.

Many hugs !


Another alias, K? Your multiple personalities appear to be stacking up.


The English language begins with the phrase “Up yours, Caesar!” as the Romans leave Britain…

Well, English was off to a flying start! :slight_smile:

So, what language did they speak in Britain before the end of the Roman rule (410 AD)? Celtic, huh?

Yes, though I believe the languages could vary from Celtic tribe to Celtic tribe. They all understood how someone felt when they attacked them with a sharp weapon though!

Hahaha! Yeah. “Aaaaaagh!” was pretty universal, even back then. The Continental Celts had it in their vocabulary just as the Insular Celts had. :wink:

Dear Alicja,

yes, he talks pretty fast, which has been criticized by some reviewers. Don’t worry about it. Even native English speakers have pointed it out. I can find and send you the written transcript if you are interested.

LOL means laugh out loud (or, depending on the context, lots of love)

ROFL means rolling on the ground laughing (not mentioned in the video)

UG2BK = You’ve got to be kidding

and here are the ones you missed:

FAQ = Frequently asked questions

IMHO = In my humble opinion

I hope this didn’t make you fall AAK (asleep at keyboard) now! :wink:

Luv U!

Dear Claudia.

Thank you for such detailed explanation.

I’m not complaining about the speed. I even found it attractive.

Only because of my wrong self feeling, I can’t concentrate a
long time on one subject.

It is consoling, when after repeating the text many times, I began to understand the meaning.

In opposite to you, I never could memorise the historical dates.

So as not to be so incompetent, my historical knowledge, I

owe only the novels, with the historical background.

I can only admire the knowledge, and expert-like discussion about this topic, the other persons above.

No, no, I’m not AAk. I’m even VAON (very afraid of night)!:))

With hope, for the next such interesting topics from you.

Luv U.

Your Alicja.

… and if there were any doubt about the meaning and stopped to query it politely, it would be too late to worry about any more anyway…

diced and sliced…

Thank you, Alicja! You have always been very supportive of me and I appreciate that a lot!


I think after having talked about Internet abbreviations, I can now type ROFL! :-)))

Dear Claudia!

I just believe in you!

You have never disappointed me.

Luv U.