The grammar makes sense?

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I have a question on the text below:

Q. What is this lecture on Asia mainly about?

A: What effect development is having on birds.

The answer was A. But I don’t understand the grammar. Is “effect” is a verb? What’s the construction of the answer sentence? Please let me know!

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This sentence has a bit of an odd structure because the object is before the verb. The subject is “development”; the verb is “is having”; the object is “effect”; “on birds” is a prepositional phrase describing “effect” {although looking at it again, maybe it describes the verb}. Remember, effect is almost always a noun, while affect is almost always a verb. {I wish we could say “always” more often in English grammar rules - there almost always is an exception.}


This refers to land development having an effect on birds. ‘What effect’ means the sort of effect’

‘Effect’ is used as a noun un this sentence. In can also be used s a verb indicating ‘put into practice’ as in: The Government has said it is going to effect new regulations on the use of water.



It(effect) Seldom uses as a verb. This usage has indicated in “Better English” by Norman Lewis(US) very nice ways.

It comes across my mind, with the meaning of bring about or cause-use “effect” as a verb,--------

We must effect better relation with Russia if we wish to avoid another war.