The government of richer nations should help.

Improvement in health, education, and trade are essential for the development of poorer nations. However, the government of richer nations should take more responsibility for helping the poorer nations in such areas.

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Today, while many countries enjoy the fast-growing of their economics as well as the citizen standard of living, some nations require the improvement in many aspects, especially in health, education system, and trade. Although some people believe that the governments of those countries are required to develop and enhance their countries, I strongly believe that the government of richer countries should take parts of the responsibility to help the less developing nations in particular areas.
Firstly, some countries may unfortunately locate at the uncompetitive areas. Laos, for example, has no land which connected to the ocean or sea, it means that Laos is not able to take advantages from the ocean-shipping and trading. In addition, Laos has to pay the extra cost for it logistic system. To improve the trade, the cooperation from richer nations, such as Thailand and China, is essential. This is only one example, there are, actually, a lot of nations which face different uncompetitive conditions.
Moreover, developments in healthcare system and educational system are also important. These improvements can reduce the world’s tension as well as promote the world peace. Evidently, many international tensions and wars occurred because of bad living conditions in the developing, or undeveloped, countries. Thus, the improvements in health and education will reduce such problems. To contrast, when people have adequate education and appropriate living condition, they will not try to take much advantage from other people and other countries. So, helping the poorer countries can bring the satisfactory atmosphere to the world.
In short, to develop the poor countries, the improvements in particular areas are certainly required. To succeed, I suggest that the government of richer nations should sponsor these enhancements to help unfortunate nations, and to promote world peace.

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