The Giant Squid

Good day!

Please help me choose the correct words in empty spaces for the text in attached. I gave an answers but unfortunately the most of them were wrong.
Many thank in advance.

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What do you mean by ‘Good day’? Also, this type of exercise clearly is not useful for you so why are engaging in it?

21: of
22: which
23: on
24: was
26: in
27: an

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“Good day” it is an usual greetings in Russian. The reason why I would find the answer for these texts is my preparation for the exam. I gave you extended comment about the all reasons in other topic I started.
Many thanks for you support. Your help is very useful and important for me.

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Точно. На русском языке есть приветствие “Добрый день”, а на английском нет такого эквивалента.

Вы знаете русский язык?

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Конечно, я давно пользуюсь русским языком, он для меня как второй родной :slight_smile: