The gap between the urban rich and the rural poor is increasing

The gap between the urban rich and the rural poor is increasing. In your opinion, what are causes of this problem? Can you suggest possible solution for it?

Most of people prefer living and making business in the urban than in the rural because of its higher standard of living and favorable conditions. Therefore, it is believed that gap between the urban and the rural widen increasingly. Before looking at possible solutions, it is necessary to examine the cause of this problem.

Sharing budged disproportionally between the urban and the rural leads to this huge gap. Because of the urban’s potential benefits, Government tends to devote significant resources to the urban than the rural. Admittedly, the urban attracts attention of foreign and domestic investors as well as workforce to live, work and do business. Besides, there have been already well-equipped infrastructure in the urban so it does not cost a large amount of money, time and labor to improve its contemporary state and soon make a good profit. On the contrary, Government may put enormous expense on developing the rural from basic point and it often takes long time for the rural in turn give financial gain to the budget.

A possible solution of this problem is to implement suitable policies which more focus on the rural’s development. Budget should be shared more equally between the rural and the urban to build first infrastructure in the rural to stimulate its economic growth. There also should be policies on investment encouragement for businessmen. A good example of this is that Government may support land’s fee for businessmen to build their companies, officers, factories. Moreover, it is essential to encourage young graduated students work in the rural by magnetic salary.

In conclusion, one of the main cause to create gap between the rural and the urban is that Government’s policies often concentrate on the urban and ignore the presence of the rural. Therefore, Government and local authority should more pay attention to the potential development of the rural although it takes long times, a large amount of money and hard effort.

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