The first president of VietNam is Ho Chi Minh

Hi everybody,
What do you know about Ho Chi Minh in particular and Viet Nam in general?
Vietnam charming !

Ah ! Ho Chi Minh : Vietnamese’s greatest leader ! Why do you want to talk about him on this website . This is international website to learn English ( is this right ? I guest so ).

I cannot remember the name of the Vietnam dress that I like, but it looks like the Chinese Cheongsam. I think it’s gorgeous. I also love the traditional dances, I have seen one or two when I joined cultural performance at my university. Do you guys dance too?

And Thunguyet94, I think it’s perfectly fine for Tide to discuss this topic. This platform is called “What do you want to talk about?” :wink:


Dear NinaZara,
Thank you for your sharing.
The name of VietNam dress is Ao Dai.
Have you ever been to my country. If you have plan to come Vietnam, please let me know, because my husband is an English tourguide. He and I can help you to discovery my country with all our pleasure.
I have a closet friend, she married with a Japanese man. They met each other when he came my country to study university.
I think it’s so nice because althrough we differ from culture but when we join to this forum, we can share any things that bring happiness to ourselves. And ofcourse, It can help us improve our English language better.
I wish you success and good health.

To Thunguyet94,
Sorry about bothering you with my topic.
But i hope you can understand I am a Vietnamese girl. And i am really proud of that.
It is so lucky when i found out this site to practice english, so I hope I will have some new friends who want to talk/chatting with me about anythings that we love.
Best regards,

so bad, look at my name and you will see I’m a Vietnamese girl too. Why don’t you relize that ? ( I’m crying ). Which city are you from ?

Hi Tide,

Yes, Ao Dai was the name. It is such a lovely dres, isn’t it? What I love most about it is, it never fails to make its wearer looks so sexy and sophisticated!

They sell it here in Japan but I am not so sure about it’s originality and I didn’t like the quality either. Plus, I don’t know where and when to wear it. And it is rather weird to buy Vietnam’s traditional costume in Japan, don’t you think? :wink:

And unfortunately, I have never been to Vietnam. It is my hope to visit all Asian countries including Vietnam. Your offer sounds like a nice one. Thanks for the wishes too. I wish them all to you too.


Hello,MY name is jerry ,im from china,and i would like to make friends with vietnam people,could u contact me if see this message,my,,i m waitting for ur good news,thank u.