The first one I got 52 my worest TOEFL section was on reading

Hi Gentelmen,
I have IBT toefl test on March,30 2008 and this is the second time test.The first one I got 52 my worest section was on reading (3) only??? :frowning: .please I am very weak in the reading section what is the technics for get high score in the TOEFL specially in reading section.My english not bad but I think the test may has secerts or technics to do. I am waiting for experts help. I need to get (reading 24, Lestining 23, speaking, 22, writing 21) is this dream :roll: or I can do it, since I study hard but your help will giud me to my dream it is Serious.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hello there!

A very high goal you are setting. I have been studying English for the vast part of my life, and I doubt I can reach the scores you have mentioned. I can only say that studying hard for short amounts of time won’t improve your grasp on the language drastically. The keyword is ‘perseverance’. Anyway, good luck!


hi, i applied the iBT when it was first introduced here in Korea and received an overall 90 (low) and 12 in reading though I’ve a graduate degree. That is, no relation between being good at the language in general and having a really bad score. The reading part relies on several patterns and trics. To do well on that section, I would recommend you to pick any book and read carefully what is meant by each quation type and know how to handle it. I am setting for the exam again (that is, after 1.5 years of the previous time) and wishing to score as high as 110 or so. best wishes.