The Farmer's Son. The End.

The two week’s of Ellie’s absence had a draining effect upon on. I felt like my life was coming to an end. No matter how hard I worked on the farm, the time refused to pass any quicker.
Even Pa was worried about my constant working and told me to ease up a little, but that was an impossibility. I wanted Ellie back. My life was useless without her being part of it.

Eventually the big day of their return came around and I couldn’t wait to see her again.
Donning my best clothes, I made myself as presentable as possible and headed out to the big house on my motor-cycle. They had not yet arrived when I pulled up the driveway, so I parked my transport on the driveway and sat on the steps of the house.
I was so nervous and filled with expectancy that I was trembling inside.

The big car came slowly up the gravel driveway and parked before me. The doors opened and out stepped Ellie’s Father and Mother.There was no sign of Ellie. Her Father started to unpack the suit-cases from the boot of the car and continued to ignore my presence.

“Where’s Ellie?,” I asked, controlling my rage.
He turned to me and smiled. “She has decided to stay in Europe to finish her schooling.
" She’s staying with some friends of ours, and she has found a rather nice boy.”

" You damned liar, you promised we would talk when you came back from Europe."

" And so we will boy. Just what do you want to talk about?," he smirked.

“You know quite well what we were going to talk about!”, I screamed at him.
" We were to talk about Ellie and I continuing our relationship."

“Well unfortunately, as I told you, Ellie has decided to stay in Europe now. We are going back there in a few weeks to buy a house there, and there we will all live there permanently. I’m afraid that you will never be seeing my daughter again.
There, we’ve talked. Are you satisfied now?”

“No, I’m not. I’m going to tell all of the townsfolk about your carrying on with other women. I’ll blacken your so-called good name from here to the end of the county.”

" Go ahead boy, do your worst. I’m not really bothered, now that I’ve got the contract in my pocket."

“I’m going to, don’t think I won’t!,” I said as I started to walk away.

“You’re really no better than me boy. You actually blackmailed me so that you could be with Ellie, and don’t forget that you will be hurting your Father too boy.”

" Anyway, your Mother and I have had to be discreet for too many years now, It’ll be good to get it all out in the open Son."

As he spoke these words the meaning behind them struck me like a thunder-bolt.
He continued to smile, and finally he said;

Where do you think you came from in the first place???

Story :- The Farmer’s Son. (Part 1)

Once again, so dramatic but that is not the fair end :frowning:

And certainly not a fairy tale :slight_smile:

Dear oh dear! Is there no satisfying you my friend?

I finished my new story just now. It is only two chapters long, but I’ll convert it into one longer chapter just for you … satisfied? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


There is a way – taking it my way :slight_smile:
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No, not until I read it :slight_smile:

Look out for Old Tommy.

Bravo! It was really surprising ending!

Thank the Lord someone enjoyed it.

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Terrible story :slight_smile:

I would be greatful to read something romantic :))))

I’ve read the end of the story :frowning: Why don’t you combine all parts under one topic?



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