The Farmer's Son. Part five.

He invited me to enter the house and led the way into a huge lounge.
Asking me to take a seat, he assured me that we were all alone and wouldn’t be disturbed by anyone.

My heart was racing, but I was determined to have my say whatever the cost, but before I could even utter a word he told me that he was very sorry for what had happened, and asked what he could do to make me forget having witnessed my Mother and himself embracing.

He was making it easier for me than I could ever have hoped for. In fact he was playing right into my hands.

" I want to see Ellie as often and wherever I wish," was my opening gambit.

“That’s not going to ever happen boy. I have plans for my daughter’s future and they don’t include associating with the likes of you,” was his cold reply. His face was angry and determined.
" But that’s not right, Ellie loves me and I love her, and it’s not fair that you should forbid her seeing me."

He was totally unmoved by my pleas and told me to grow up and face facts. She was rich and I was poor. It was his intention to ensure that she married someone of substance and not a lowly farmer’s son.

“Listen boy, I have plans for my daughters future. Big plans”, he snarled.
His attitude totally infuriated me and I was now forced to play the only ace I had in my hand. My blood was coursing through my body and I could almost hear my heart beating like a hammer inside of my chest.

“OK, well listen to my plans Mr. Bigshot builder. My plans are to make sure that everyone in the town knows of your association with my Mother, and I’m sure the news will have a great bearing on your tender for the big building contract that you are dreaming of winning.Well that ain’t gonna’ happen either.”

“Just how do you think the city fathers will view your womanising, and just how will the church congregation react on seeing your dirty washing hanging on the line in the newspapers?”
I sat back in the deep chair and worried if I had said just a little too much, but he too sat back and gave my outburst some thought.
After what seemed like a lifetime he finally spoke.

"Well boy, you certainly have guts, I’ll say that for you,"and he smiled broadly at me.
“Tell you what. You can see Ellie for a month, whenever and wherever you wish.
If, and when, I win this contract, then we’ll meet and talk again. How does that suit you?”
Suit me… I was overjoyed, but I tried not to show it.
“You got yourself a deal,” I calmly replied.

At that we both rose and walked to the massive front door.
“Have a nice day,” he said as he closed the door on me.
It took all of my willpower to stop myself punching the air in victory. I was going to be with Ellie for a whole month, and I intended to prove to her Father that I really was the right boy for her

The Farmer’s Son. Part six.

Story :- The Farmer’s Son. (Part 1)

Why Ellie’s father changed his tone suddenly and submitted partially to the demands? Even if we say that it is plausible but why the farmer’s son didn’t insist? He could have gained a lot in bargain. On the other hand, is bargain a good thing at this point? Is he not thinking selfishly?

Just thinking of what could have really been the heroic act by the farmer’s son :slight_smile:

Insist upon what? He got the most he could from his position.

Kitos, I used to play chess. Gambit isn’t the right word for the play. In gambit you sacrifice small pieces to gain good position. What did farmer’s son sacrifice? I’d rather say it was an attack or combination.

Well his first move was to try to appeal to the Father’s sense of fairness. It was a childish way of appealing. He didn’t really want to resort to blackmail, but he was forced to do so because of the Father’s refusal to be “fair”.

Anyway guys, it’s only a fairy-tale. Gimme a break eh. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Kitos… Good night.