The expression "Never , never give up" means to keep trying and never stop working

Shiv Khera said ,in one of his iconic books “You can win”, “Most people fail because they don’t even try”. I believe it is better to die trying than to live regretting. We must keep trying and never stop working for our goals.

First, your goals defines who you are. You may want to be a dancer but your undergrad degree is in physics, or maybe your ambition is to become a pro-gamer but you are born with severe eye problem, believe me when I say that these problems are nothing compare to your willpower. If you can harness your inner strength you will achieve your goal. Where we start from does not define who we are, it is where we end. “Never, never give up” is the moto of every successful person there was, is and ever will be. Successful artists such as dylan, picasso took the risk of failure and never gave up on their dreams. If we want to be successful we have to risk it too and work hard till the end.

Second, failure is nothing but a second step towards success. Even if you fail a few times when you are working hard for your dreams , you will win sooner or later if you keep on walking on this path. Failure opens different avenues in life and maybe you will find out that your goals weren’t discrete enough or maybe you still didn’t put your all for the goals.
Take the example of Casemiro , now a legendary center midfielder, he started his career as a striker and never qualified for the first team. The repeated failures helped him to realize what his true position should be. Do not settle! Maybe you are just one failure away from finding our true position in the circle of life.

None of us has a perfect life , we all fail in something and win in something else. But there is nothing worse than failing without even trying. We should always keep on fighting for our goals. Even if we lose the fight we might rediscover ourselves , always worth the try.