The English student.

The English student.

Frustration is my middle name,
I never get it right.
I’ve read the text, I’ve learnt the verbs,
I swot the whole damned night.
But it seems no matter how I try
I always get it wrong.
I’m never going to pass this test,
It’s taking far too long.

They tell me to try harder,
Well that’s just what I’ve done.
But surely I don’t have to work,
I’d rather have some fun.
Well go ahead, do just that,
And see where it will get you.
You’ll fail the test, and what is more,
You’ll have to start anew.

So knuckle down and read some more,
Don’t be disturbed, make fast the door.
For it’s your future, on the line
Don’t think of it as wasting time.
Every extra point gives you the chance,
To lead your life, and just perchance.
You’ll realise it was not in vain,
You really did achieve your aim.


Thank you Kito!
You are the best!

Please listen to my recording and respond with a voice message too. Many thanks.

Hi Mr. Kitosdad.Thank you. Your post was full of hope for me. Have you said this poem yourself?

Please listen to my recording and respond with a voice message too. Many thanks.

Good morning Dodgewiper. I think you mean did I really write this myself?

Yes I did, and everything you find under my name was written be me alone.

I revel in seeing just how quickly I can think up a new story. Of course the poetry is much easier to compose because English is such a versatile language. You can say the same thing in so many ways, some obvious, and some so very subtle and secretive.

Thanks for asking.


you’re welcome. Thank you for your answer. When can we use “think up” instead of “think”?

“Let’s think up an answer to this question guys.” :slight_smile:

So think up an answer means create an answer!

What’s your idea about solving English cross-words, Mr. Kitosdad? Is it useful?
If yes, where is the best place for finding them on the web?

how many answers I asked you! Excuse me.

Thank you.

I think that the more complex X-words would really tax your vocabulary Dodge, but maybe the coffee X-word in the Daily Mirror would be OK for you.

Ok, thanks a lot Mr. Kito.

I visited the web-site. there were many X-words and here is one of them:

Click here to play today’s Quick crossword online


1 Thing of value (5)
5 Hurry (5)
9 Short sleep (3)
10 Angry (5)
11 Glisten (5)
12 Animal doctor (3)
13 Meadow (3)
14 Frozen water (3)
16 Boy (3)
18 Small mammal (6)
21 Skin condition (4)
23 Region (4)
26 Scant (6)
29 Male swan (3)
31 Non-amateur (3)
32 Gamble (3)
34 Utilise (3)
36 Tall plant (5)
37 Casing (5)
38 Number (3)
39 Rituals (5)
40 Use up (5)


1 Fisherman (6)
2 Transaction (4)
3 Javelins (6)
4 Easily frightened (5)
5 Shelter (5)
6 Devoured (3)
7 Collections (4)
8 Paradise (4)
15 Conifer (5)
17 Be indebted to (3)
19 Unit of resistance (3)
20 Pitch (3)
22 Bother (3)
24 Refund (6)
25 Be present (6)
27 Fencing swords (5)
28 Targets (5)
29 Cleaning lady (4)
30 Statue (4)
33 Level (4)
35 Pronoun (3)

Read more: … z3XcbCV8aY


My name is Aisha
Please correct my accent and help me out in speaking properly

That was excellent Aisha. I see no reason at all why you should attempt to change your accent. You speak far clearer and with greater confidence than many English people that I know. Just keep reading aloud, even though it may raise smiles from others who may overhear you. You are improving, they are not. Well done.


I hope you were able to complete it with no problem Dodge. As you improve you can try the more difficult ones.
Crosswords are a good way to increase your vocabulary and to improve your spelling ability.

Please listen to my recording and respond with a voice message too. Many thanks.

I will send it after I solved it. I’m sure there will be many empty places in the X-word after my solution!:slight_smile:


Please listen to my recording and respond with a voice message too. Many thanks.

Hi~! I’m Ehmet , this is my voice recording. If give some advices about my pronunsation or accent, it would be very helpful to me. thank you in advance.