The difference between more progressive and non-progressive verbs. More questions. Please have a look at my sentences

  • I’d love to know what you’re going to be wearing, because I’d hate to show up in the same dress.
    Is the following also possible?

  • I’d like to know what you’re going to wear, because…

  • Throw this cloth in(to) the garbage bin, I won’t be needing it any more.

  • Throw this cloth in(to) the garbage bin, I won’t need it any more.

Thank you


All those sentences are correct. As for the difference between the simple and the progressive forms, it use the latter you stress the very activity while with the simple form you focus on the result of the action. @Andrea, how would you explain the difference between both versions? Many thanks and Merry Christmas :christmas_tree: again.


Hi Torsten,

With the progressive form, I think that, and I’m referring to my first sentence, that somebody has the same taste as the other. So this woman wants to make absolutely sure, she’s not going to wear the same dress as the her friend. She asks for her opninion, in order she might not wear the same dress during a party that is obviously going to be held. So indeed, if she doesn’t ask that question, the result might they be might they turn up in the same dress. The same goes for my second sentence. I hope this is a good explanation.


I agree with @Torsten that all are acceptable.

  1. The person asks this just to make sure they both don’t have the same outfit. If they do have the same outfit, he/she would have to find another one.

  2. The person just wants to find out what the other person is wearing. The intention is less specific.

  3. This is a definite and clear intention of not needing the cloth anymore.

  4. The person is intending for the cloth to be thrown away but there is a possibility it could be used for some other purpose or even perhaps used by someone else.

Hope this makes sense. :thinking:


Thank you Andrea.
Merry Christmas.


You’re welcome, Marc. Merry Christmas to you too :blush::christmas_tree::gift::christmas_tree::gift: