The Decision. (RECORDED.)

The man from the Council was emphatic,

“Look, it’s not my decision, it comes directly from the Director. At five p.m. today six of your residents have to be put down, unless that is, you find owners for them.”

The volunteers in the dog-shelter looked at each other.
They were at a loss as to what they could say or do.

“But Mr.Black, three in one day is the best we have ever been able to find homes for,” said Jenny, the boss of the shelter.

“I’m sorry Jenny, rules are rules.
You have six too many and the Council do not have the resources to feed them.
Either find them owners before five, or they will be destroyed.”

Mr. Black moved forward and started to compile a list of the six dogs.

First was the old Labrador whose owners “no longer had time for a big dog.”
Then were the two mongrel pups that someone had brought in earlier in the week.
Then the Alsatian that nobody ever looked at when visiting hours began.
The little Jack Russel had a good chance of finding an owner.
Last, but not least, was the cross-bred female, fresh in from Spain.
She was a handful to take walking, full of energy, and most of the volunteers tried to avoid walking her.

Mr. Black left with a curt,“I’ll be back at five,” as he closed the compound gate.

The volunteers gathered around Jenny, asking what could be done.
“Let’s make these six shine like silver dollars,” was all she said, and they all set about grooming the six “condemned.”

At ten a.m. a young couple entered the compound with their two children.
Jenny immediately sprang into action, trying her best to direct them toward the old Labrador, but they showed no interest.
Instead they opted for the two puppies and we were happy that the target was now only four.
At eleven we had gotten another buyer, this time it was little Jack who was the lucky survivor.

Three to go and the clock was ticking.

One p.m. saw a trader who was interested in the Alsatian as a guard dog for his warehouse.
Two p.m. was almost miracle-like, as an old couple walked in and fell in love with the Labrador. The dog took to them like a long-lost son. They made an happy trio.

Then the afternoon sun decided to pack its bag and down thundered the rain.
It rained ceaselessly all afternoon and no other person visited the compound.

At five o’clock the door opened and in walked Mr. Black, all pomp and bluster.
“Well, how did you do?,” he demanded.
“All gone Mr. Black,” I said, and Jenny turned toward me questioningly.

I pulled out my wallet and placed the two-hundred Euros in her hand.

I had hoped that there would be only one left at the end of the day, and to be honest, I wasn’t bothered which one it would be. I loved them all.

My little Spanish bitch is lying by my side as I type this.
She looks at me with adoring eyes, and I wouldn’t take two-hundred thousand Euros for her today.


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That was very good Mohammad. You would make a good actor!