The Dark Night.

Feel the night,
Feel it closing all around you.
See the darkness,
It’s scary too.
Look at the shadow on your window,
Is it something searching you?

Hear its breathing,
Hear its scratching,
Scratching on your bedroom door,
Did you lock it?
Can’t remember?
Hurry quick, across the floor.
Lock it securely, make it fast.
Or else tonight,
Could be your last.

Hear the wind,
How strong it screams,
Waking you from pleasant dreams.
And now you’re listening,
All senses alert,
Is that the rustling,
Of an old woman’s skirt?
Or is it the something,
Slithering near?
Filling your heart,
With dread and fear.

You rise from your bed,
Your pulse races wild,
Is it only the imagination,
Of a half-awake child?
Or is there something,
Out there, in the hall?
A something that you,
Wouldn’t welcome at all.

You scream for your parents,
They come in a trice.
You babble your story,
Not thinking twice.
It was only the curtains,
That hang in the hall.
There really was nothing,
To be afraid of at all.

So your parent have left you,
Alone in your room.
A friendly light blazes,
To dispel the gloom.
But you know that it’s waiting,
Till they’re fast asleep.
Then it’s going to get you,
It wants you, … to keep.

Sleep well, Kitos.

Good I only have a few square meters to share with my roommate. ^^

To dispel the gloom? Awesome.