the conversation

hello everyone this is my first conversation and i’m here to try improve my english i want to speak faster and fluence if somebody hear this topic and can show me how can i do that i really apreciate any help.

Hello Carlos,

You can check the following link in which chatmates are wanted to join the group.

To practise speaking without anyone to talk to, just read articles or chapters in a book aloud.

PS “i” is always written with a capital letter ; - )

Good luck,


Hi Carlos,

your English sounds good. Try to connect with native English speakers. Post up ads in your hometown or on the internet to try to connect in person often with someone. If that’s impossible, look around on the internet and try to connect with someone via Skype or another free voice chat. Regular and constant communication is key to becoming fluent. Also, watch movies and try to copy their accents and style. Watch the same movies over and reply your favorite parts. Practice, practice, practice.
Many people make the mistake of practicing a lot one week then taking a few weeks off. Very difficult. Do a little everyday or every week.

Hope this helps.

Good advice, but an unfortunate typo near the end, given that it is such a frequent error which I’d hate to see reinforced.
Carlos, try to do a little every day.