The Condor (my first TOEFL essay)

Hi friends, I am José from Perú and this is my first Essay:

I will talk about The Condor, the most important mythologic bird for the andean cultures in South America (along the mountain range of the Andes), It was considered as a messenger of the Gods, and in Perú, in some places, is possible to see them very close. In the department of Arequipa (Perú) it is located one of the deepest canyons in the world, The Colca Canyon, with 4160 m. of deep, over there, there is a natural viewpoint called Cross of Condor, that viewpoint is one of the best places to see Condors in Perú, in proximity and in number, especially during winter where it is possible to see more than 15 condors soaring together!!!

If you have ever seen a andean condor, probably you saw two kinds of condors, ones completely brown and the other ones black with white patches on their wings and a kind of white neeklace, no? Well friends this is the difference between the adults and the youngs condors, the color of their feathers (?). The young condors are brown (like big ravens) and the adult colors are black, bold and of course biggers than the first ones.

Now, it is possible to make a difference between the male and the female condors too; the male condors have a big comb (?), it is not matter if they are adults or youngs they have always one, and the female condors have a small comb. They are like a cock and a hen. Other difference are the eyes, if you have good view you can get it.:slight_smile:

Before the Spaniards Conquerors arrived to Perú, it was possible to see condors along all the mountain range of the Andes, since Venezuela until Tierra del Fuego in Southern Chile, but the people though that they were killers and hunters and they started to kill them little by little. Now in Venezuela they are extincted, there are not more condors in Venezuela, in the next country, Colombia, they are in danger of extinction (less than 10), but in Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina, they have programs to repopulate with condors the Andes again, they have national parks, protected areas…, in general more serious researches about the condor. Sadly in Perú we dont know exactly how many condors there are here; we know that at the Colca Canyon there are between 47 and 48 condors between adults and youngs.

It is very difficult to reproduce the condors because one of their most curious characteristics is that they are MONOGAMIST!!! (you know what does it mean?, like everyone no? (?) they chose one couple for all their life. And they lay (?) only one egg every two or three years, no more.

This is the first part of my Essay, I am finishing it now, but I want to know, what do you think of this? I put this signal (?) next to the words or expressions that I am not sure if they are well writen or not.
Other question is how can I say “no?”, that is a spanish expression and it is used at the end of a question to emphasize it.
And finally what do you think about the jokes in the essays, I wrote one and when I tell it, almost always, the people smile. I would like to learn more english jokes (they are completely different than the spanish jokes) and I want to know if it is good to tell them between the essays.

I hope you have enjoyed this little essay.

Thank you.

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