The computer is widely used in education and some people think that teachers will

Name: Thuy Trang(1/1/2013)

The computer is widely used in education and some people think that teachers will not play important roles in classroom. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The advent of computers has provided students with new and interesting approaches to lessons in classrooms. It is a widespread worry that teachers will no longer play the pivotal part in education as computers, tools of learning, will function well in lieu of teachers. However, I am of the opinion that teachers, by all means, remain indispensable in classrooms for two following main reasons.

First of all, computers generally can assist students in simple tasks, but when it comes to complex ones, they are not ideal backup. As programmed, computers are able to find out the mistakes made by students but unable to explain why the answers are incorrect. To be precise, in the case of math, they merely serve to show whether the final answers are right or wrong but fail to display from what stages that problems arise. Human teachers, in these cases, are indeed irreplaceable. With in-depth know-how and experience, teachers will find it possible to instruct students in various manners till students can solve tough tasks or thorny problems. In general, programmatic computers always come second when compared to teachers in terms of teaching.

Another point to note is that computers often fail to meet the needs of students’ arising in classrooms. There are occasions that when teachers have to motivate and comfort their students with tenderness and sympathy. Teachers can also offer ongoing interaction with students, which enables students to enhance their communication skills. Besides fostering students’ solidarity through teamwork, teachers also help promote critical and creative thinking through inter-group competitions in classrooms. By comparison, at no time can computers serve such.

What has been discussed has refuted the prevailing notion that computers can take the place of teachers in classrooms. Failing to satisfying students in terms of academic questions, emotional needs and communication skills, computers are not indeed desired replacement. This suffices to reaffirm my position that human teachers will invariably remain irreplaceable.

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Hi, I thought this was an excellent essay. Extremely clear and with good vocabulary and great development of your ideas. Most of it sounded very natural with only a few minor errors here and there. Overall, I would rate this a 4.5 out of 5 - one of the best I have read on the forum in the last few weeks!

Hi, are you really living in Doha, Qatar? An acquaintance of mine from church is working as an English teacher at the International School there.

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oh ’ i’m sorry but ‘’‘for [the] two following main reasons.’’ is right or ‘’’’'for the main following reason???

Well, you have two reasons, but you can only have one “main” reason, so it is probably best to say “for the two following important reasons”. Good luck in your test - let me know how you do. What do they do with the results of the test - it is important to get into university?

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