the causes of deforestation

In recent years, deforestation has become a quite significant issue all over the world because lack of forests brings about many serious problems on human lives and lack of oxygen on atmosphere. As a matter of fact that people have destroyed forests despite there are many serious effects on living creatures. Although there are many causes of deforestation, we can focus our attention on three prominent points: lack of education and awareness, clearing land for agriculture together with greed of entrepreneurs.

           To commence with, inadequate education and awareness can be regarded as the most remarkable cause of deforestation. It goes without saying that education is the key of everything. People should undoubtedly receive education in order to raise awareness about deforestation. For instance, imagine that an individual have never been gone to school cannot now know how important forests is and he/she could continue to destroy forests unconsciously. As a consequence, there are strong correlation between education and deforestation.

           When it comes to clearing land for agriculture, the continual degradation of forest habitat is primarily due to human related causes. Inasmuch as people need to more lands in order to cultivate crops. Therefore, people have contributed to deforestation to create new agricultural lands. For example, especially in Turkey in black sea regions, people who want to plant hazelnut more have been destroyed forests. The steps taken in this regard are the steps taken for existence of forests.

            Last but not least important cause of deforestation is greed of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs who intend to become the chief and diamond of their sector compete with each other. Thus, forests are eradicated by huge companies in an attempt to fulfill their aims. They cannot take into consideration the significance of forests because they only intend to make profits. To illustrate, an investor who want to build a company eradicate the a large amount of forests. In brief, it would not be much of surprise to see that people will be confronted with many serious problems in the absence of forests.

        In a nutshell, the obvious conclusion to be drawn would be that deforestation stems from lack of education and awareness as well as greed of entrepreneurs. Not only people but also government should pay due attention to forests. Moreover, government takes preventive measures so as to eliminate the problem of deforestation.

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