The Cabbie. (Part two.)

It was quite a few years back that I had first met Rebecca.
We had met at a Youth Club and we were attracted to each other from the first moment. We danced every dance together that night, and when I walked her home later we started to tell each other our dreams of the future.

She had dreams of becoming a famous actress and appearing on the West End stages alongside other world famous celebrities. She was certainly attractive enough to become a star, and I was proud to be walking the street with her.

My dream was to become a pilot and to travel around the globe, staying in luxurious hotels and having huge sums of money to satisfy my every whim.

We made a date for the very next night and we went to the cinema.
We saw each other very regularly and very soon everyone was accepting that we were together, and no other boy or girl tried to interrupt our dancing together when we were at the Youth Club.

It was at this time that I was being taught to drive by my Father. He had promised to buy me a car when I passed my test.
Thoughts of being alone with Rebecca in my very own car gave me every incentive to read the Highway Code from cover to cover every spare moment that I had. I passed my driving test with flying colours, and Dad, true to his word, bought me a small Austin A35.

I felt like a king as I drew up to Rebecca’s front door, and her parents beamed at me when I opened the door for Rebecca to enter my car. Such a polite young man!
Little could they envisage what I had in mind for that evening in my new car.

That evening we cut short our time at the Club, and went for a short spin in the car.
I’d already reconnoitred a lonely lane earlier in the day, and it was where I headed.
We moved into the back seat and took our kissing to the next level.

Unfortunately petting was the barrier that Rebecca imposed and we never did get beyond that, despite my frantic pleading.
We remained a couple for the next two years and all was going well until Rebecca announced one night that she had enrolled in a School of Acting, and she would be going there four nights a week, each session to last three hours.

I was furious regarding this arrangement, but she was adamant that this is what she intended to do. I drove her to her home in silence, and there were no arrangements made for the following evening. The rot had started to set in on our relationship…

The Cabbie. (Part three.)

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