the business end

‘The business end’ is usually used to point to the end which does the work, isn’t it, I also came across the term applied to the area in front of goal (where you can expect some decisive actions). Here, we meet it in seemingly new environment, but it also sounds like ‘decisive part of’. Could you come across ‘the business end’ of a meeting/term (schooling)/date (romantic meeting) etc?
Thank you.

“What has won them the title? The fact that, come the business end of the season, their really top players have lived up to their pedigree.”

Right, I think that “decisive part” or “part when/where action takes place” is a good explanation of these uses.

“business end of the season” is the end-of-season period when the final league positions are decided.
“business end of a meeting” would be the time when decisions are made.
“business end of a term” could refer to end-of-term exams, or something like that.
“business end of a date” sounds like the part where you potentially end up in bed together!