'the book writes that...' or 'the book reads that...'


To express the idea something (information, for instant) is written in a book, should we use “the book writes that…” or “the book reads that…” or “the book says that…” or anything else?

You could say, for example, that the author of a book writes/wrote that …

Can I say : It’s get from book of (insert authors’ name)???

The book says…

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And… is there any other ways of expressing this idea (naturally and natively)

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“In In the Shadow of a Saint: A Son’s Journey to Understanding His Father’s Legacy, Ken Wiwa says/writes…”

So “in + name of book + say/write + author + quote or comment”.

Sorry but… any other way? :stuck_out_tongue:


  1. The book states that _____
  2. According to the book entitled name of book here, _________________.
  3. The book asserts that __________.

I am sure there are many other words you could use as well.


Titled :wink:

Most often, “entitled” means one has a right or claim to something. As in, “Americans are entitled to free (albeit grammatically warped) speech.”

Hi Nessie,

Keep it simple: It says in the book that …


I guess the speech must be equally warped in Cambridge (and I don’t mean Cambridge, Massachusetts;) ):
dictionary.cambridge.org/define. … &dict=CALD

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Really, that last phrase in my post was writtten not by me ! :slight_smile:
I don’t have the foggiest idea if American speech is warped or not :lol:
By the way, do you agree that “entitled” in Rick’s sentence is the wrong choice?

( agriculture.purdue.edu/agcom … titled.htm )

Hi Alex

Well, the example that RickInAlbi gave is basically the same format as the example provided in the the Cambridge Dictionary.

However, I’d guess that most people would usually use neither titled nor entitled. Instead, people would probably most often say something like this:
In the book ABC it says …” :lol:

The word “entitled” simply means “having the title” (as I used it in my example). You can also be “entitled to” something, as Alex rightly points out. I used the word “entitled” simply as a way to allow the writer to quickly identify the book he is discussing. Amy’s solution, however, leads me to think suggest that you just say, "In (Insert Book Title Here), it says _____.