The best way to improve the quality of education is to increase teachers' salarie

When it comes how to improve the quality of education,the discussion of this issue among individuals and in society as a whole has come into vogue during the last decades.The statement declares that" the best way to improve the quality of education is to increase teacher’s salaries." I agree with this claim and there are several reasons and instances as follows supporting my view.

The main reason for my propensity to the importance of increasing teacher’s salaries is based on the fact that it can relieve the teacher shortage.For example,the other day,I met Miss Lee,my old classmate,who told me that she had decided to quit her job as a teacher at the end of the school year and to go into a company.She said that she couldn’t make a living in her chosen profession and that not even her moonlighting twice a week could put her out of the financial quagmire she was in.Miss Lee’s case is not unusual,it is typical of thousands of young teachers who are quitting their jobs in search of more lucrative work.These people have their reasons to doing so,how can we imagine that a teacher, with a serious financial problem, is willing to stay where he is in the profession? As well,how can we imagine that a school confronting the teacher shortage as a result of a huge outflow of teacher could achieve a high quality of education?

Another equally essential aspect accounting for why I advocate salary increases is that pay rises can be a significant incentive for teachers to work conscientiouly,effectively and efficiently.Think of this scenario:the school is planning to enhance salaries for teachers,upon hearing this exciting announcement,all teachers are happy and enthusiastic about their teaching work.So they begin to spend more time preparing the teaching materials,innovate their teaching methods and design some interactive activities for students to engage in.The students,after seeing the great effort their teachers made for them to study,are willing to study hard do well on their courses.consequently,their students achieve an substantial increase in their scores on the Assessment Test,and the local government plans to invest more money to fund the school.As a reward,more salaries will be allocated for teacher.Undoubtedly,this virtuouscircle will help improve the quality of the education.

In sum,it is very good idea to increase the salaries for teacher, which is not only the desire of teacher,but also desire ofschool and government,who struggle to persue high quality of education.

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