The best way to improve the quality of education is to increase teachers’ salarie

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In this day and age, the quality of education is getting more and more attention among the public, from parents to employers, no matter in developed countries or in developing areas. So how to guarantee and improve the quality of education has been one the most concerned questions. Some people say that he best way is to raise teachers’ salaries, which is evidently indefensible by committing an error of oversimplification.

To start with, the quality of education is a comprehensive and complex problem affected by various factors instead of one single factor. So the best way should be well-rounded rather than simply to increase teachers’ salaries. Admittedly, in a world like today’s and always, salary increase is an appealing and useful way of enhancing labor efficiency and production efficiency. However, the first thing we should make clear of is that education is completely another story, without any less significance than any other industries. It is undeniable that teachers may be more active and enthusiastic to do their jobs because they are motivated by increasing material reward. But there still exist many other problems and prerequisites unsettled.

Moreover, by suggesting that increasing the teachers’ salaries is the best way, it seems to claim that it is only the teachers’ and schools’ job to take care of the quality of education. In fact, education is a responsibility shared by the whole society, including schools, teachers, as well as families, communities, governments, and so forth. To improve the quality of education, it needs all parts involved to cooperate harmoniously both in thoughts and in actions. We cannot imagine how students, especially very young kids, receive completely contrary ideas that they have been taught in school and at home, and get confused. That is why it is highly recommended that the school and parents should keep in touch every now and then, exchanging ideas and working together for the best achievement for the quality of education.

Obviously, raising the salaries of teachers improves the quality of the teachers’ life more directly than it does to the quality of education. Actually, we had better figure out this problem in more primary and practical ways. For example, government and schools should enlarge budget for the renewal of facilities and regular teaching training programs, and introduce advanced multiple teaching methods. Public institutes, such museums and libraries, and mass media should help to provide positive influence. Besides, family education should play as support and complement for schools education. Fundamentally, students should be well instructed so that they themselves are intended to learn. Only in this way, the improvement of the quality of education will be guaranteed.

To sum up, due to what have been mentioned above, we can safely reached the conclusion that, to improve the quality of education, the best way is definitely something far more than only money. Nevertheless, any problem should be overcome some way as long as it is related to the quality of education.

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