The best GRE book

Hello everyone,

Can you guys tell me which book is the best for GRE.

Thanks alot.

There’s no one best book…you need a solid overall review book, one with a ton of practice questions, and probably a vocab book.

Here’s what I have and would suggest:

Review & tests: Princeton Review, Cracking the GRE
Practice questions: Official Guide
Tests: Powerprep (free on
Vocab: Word Smart for the GRE

There are lots of books available in market for GRE. Kaplan, Peterson, Barron’s, Cliff, Nova, Arcos, and more…

Start from Barrons and practice the mock tests.

Practicing is the only thing which can boost your score.

MY Writing Skills are very bad. can pls any body tell em which book is best and how i have to practice for it.

Very detailed comparison of top GRE books extending pluses/minuses of each book such as Kaplan’s, Barron’s, Cracking GRE (Princeton’s Review(PR)),
and GRE Prep book by ETS on

Barrons essential word is good one its root list is good one

For the GRE Revised test (new GRE)
Can you tell me whether I need to study the wordlist.
If YES please tell me How to learn the wordlist?


I am using the official one from the ETS. It has a lot of practice tests. For me, doing a lot of practice test is great way to learn to pace yourself. However, it doesn’t not stimulate a computer testing environment.
But I learned math from the Princeton book GRE book.

I’ve looked into a bunch of the different books. I’m wondering if anyone has found a useful (but affordable!) online study course?!? I’m not a fan of lugging books around but also don’t have much money to spend…


Thank Lk50df so much!