The Best Dressed Man!

The best dress man to me is:

Former US President Bill Clinton.

I used to copy his style.

Ah ha. Oh, sex style as well.

I love womanizing.

My secrets? Shh…

Politicians and great leaders should dress like this. It really looks good!!

I’m thinking about whether it should be “the best dressed man” instead of “the best dress man”.

My definition:

  1. The best dress(ed) man = a man whoes dressing style is the best.
  2. The best man = a man who is better than anyone else.
  3. The/a dressed man = a man who is not naked.

My theory:

  1. The best dress(ed) man != The best man
  2. The best dress(ed) man != A dressed man (when he was doing something very special)

p.s. ( “!=” means NOT EQUAL TO )


Yes, it should read ‘dressed’.

It was just an awkward style to catch eyes. Like papers’ headlines.


I thought you’d given up making silly excuses because you were too proud to admit being human enough to make a mistake.

Dear Coach,

I’m not two proud as you see. I’m one proud only.

Have fun!


Perhaps, all those teaching and cheating make me two proud some times. Oh, dear.

Have fun!

Lame excuses,

state of the art Porsche

ten hour drive

last minute information

best dress man ( truly poor English though, not to copy )


I took out all messy hyphens.