The benefits of studying alone

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Topic: Some students prefer study alone. Others prefer to study with a group of students. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Nowadys, there has been a heated debate concerning the effective way of learning. In fact, there is a growing sentiment that puts more emphasis on the importance of studying alone. At the same time, there is a solid body of opinion that dislikes and says that they prefer to study with a group of students. In my opinion, I concur with the former for two primary reasons.

First and foremost, the most important reason is that students can save time and money. Most of the time, when they study in a group, they often choose comfortable cafés, milk tea shops or food stalls because “Fine words butter no parsnip”. They can still spend the day with their friends. However, it is not known how to go home and the homework is empty, this will seriously damage their purse and study.

Secondly, students may not be undistributed. They are not affected by the talkative association and the “answer and question” experts. You are not distracted by anyone from your high school education. And it doesn’t take to prove to anyone that their solution is right or wrong.

On the other hand, some may argue that students have to study without support, providing evidence that no one can claim that they are always right and there is nothing they don’t know. When they study alone, they will have to struggle with a lot of questions, but if they are confused, it will only be more confusing. At times like this, the classmates are the most powerful life-saving.

To sum up briefly, I strongly support to study alone. I am accustomed to this way of study. For me, studying alone is more efficient and effective, and trains student’s ability to study. This is the reason I like to study alone.


Hi, the first thing you might want to change is the spelling of ‘benefits’.

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