The Assimil method

Is anyone here learning or teaching the Assimil method?

I’ve studied Turkish with the Assimil method, it was really great :slight_smile:
I’ve just bought the book without the CDs because I have a lot of Turkish friends, but I can tell you, that book is great and the texts are really interesting :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, Mona, and welcome here.

I guess things must have changed since the days of Ionesco:

The austere and often unnatural dialogues inspired Eugène Ionesco to his absurdist theatre piece The Bald Soprano.”

Can you give us an example of a dialogue from your Assimil textbook?

okay Molly, here we go:
this one is from the beginning of the book, chapter 6

-Nilgün is sitting in the garden. She’s reading
-In that moment, Ahmet is coming
-Ahmet is pretty talkative. He starts asking questions
-What are you reading? A novel?
-It’s not a novel, it’s a fairytale. A book that is called ‘1001 nights’.
-But fairytales are for kids!
-Okay, you are no kid. Please go away now!

as I said before, it’s all in Turkish, so I’ve just translated it :wink: this chapter was really easy, of course, but this book is for people who’ve just started to learn Turkish
here’s another text, chapter 66:

-My dear Orhan, what if we go out today to buy something for you? You don’t have anything to wear.
-If you want, we can go to the Istiklal-street. Since cars haven’t been allowed to be there, you can go shopping without ruffle.
-That’s nice. We will go from Tünel to Taksim by foot. If we are tired, we can take the tram and talk about the time when we were little. Or we can go and drink some beer.
-Look, my love, this silk is so nice! What do you think?
-I don’t know. The colours seem to be some garish.
-But this are the colours of the spring this year. Of course, you don’t know this, because you are not interested in fashion.
-How much is the metre?
-It is very cheap, don’t worry, sir. Your lady knows what’s nice. You will also love that dress, that she will make with this silk, I am sure.
-How large will you need it? 1,40?
-The tailor said I should take 3 metres.

  • Great. I will do so. Have fun with this. I advise you to buy this 2 metres long remnant too, it’s a nice offer. You could make a blouse with this.

Okay, that’s it. I’m sure there are some grammar mistakes in it, but I’m not perfect :wink: Hope it helps you.

I don’t understand the intended meaning in the last two sentences.

I understand it’s your translation, but the second dialogue, i.e. shopping seems strange, somewhat strained, and a bit unreal. Do people really speak in that way in Turkey?

I also didn’t understand the meanings of the last two sentences. It’s pretty strange, in Turkish, as well as in English and German.

Well, I don’t know if people in Turkey speak like that, but it could be. I think you should ask a Turk about this

But you have many more Turkish friends than I do. Can’t you ask them?

Sure, I can. I will do so and tell you later

Thanks. Might be a good idea to get their response on the Assimil dialogues.