The article

Are these sentences correct: ?
1.The Danube flows into the Black Sea.
2. Mother is not an engineer.
3. I usually have lunch at 2 o’clock.
4. The Moors/ The Moor family is very important in this city.
5. He knows how to play the guitar.
6. The earth moves round the sun.
7. The good is often forgotten.
8. Does she visit the British Museum every summer?
9. December is my favourite month.
10. She is the most courageous person in the team.
11. The French are friendly and hospitable.
12. Are you a writer or an economist?
13. A new member of The Johnsons was born on the 17th of August.
14. The Pacific is as big as The Indian ocean.
15. The Danube is the longest river in Europe.
16. The Carpathians are not as tall as The Rocky mountains.
17. We had bad weather on holiday.

Thank you a lot for your support and time!

It’s passable as it is written in BrE. ‘In the team’ can be used, as well as ‘on the team’.

Yes, that sounds okay to me.