the advantages and disadvantages of improving security

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Topic: More and more measures to improve the security in the urban area have been introduced because of the increased crime. Do the benefits of the measures outweigh the drawbacks?

Currently, crime is becoming an increasing problem in people’s daily lives. There is a phenomenon that a rising number of measures, like policemen with guns and the CCTV, are utilized to improve the security in urban areas. Some people hold a view that it is essential to keep social stability, while others argue against this idea. This essay will discuss the issue from both perspectives.

It is true that these ways bring numerous benefits. To begin with, more illegal individuals will be arrested because of more policemen. Thus, we can have a safer living environment, which makes us comfortable. In addition, it is an effective method as it gives a warning to the people who intend to commit a crime. These potential criminals will give up their thoughts when they meet with so many facilities of security. As a result, the crime rate will reduce.

Conversely, there are a good many drawbacks of the measures. First of all, it might cause some tension in population. The CCTV, for instance, supervises not only illegal activities, but also individuals’ privacy. Some boys and girls cannot even do anything intimate, in particular kiss, because of it. Moreover, when policemen are fighting with robbers, then can seldom guarantee that there are no citizens being injured accidentally. It is threat to residents’ lives. Last but not least, enhancing the security needs a great deal of capital. It means we may be not able to invest sufficient money into other crucial fields, especially education.

In summary, although taking more measures to enhance the security in cities will brings people some advantages, it seems that its downside exceed the benefits. As far as I am concerned, it is not a good idea to cost too much on security, because there many other areas, which are more worth to invest.

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