That's not the whole story

—Last month, you decided to go to work on foot every day, but that only lasted a week.
—_______. I stopped because I hurt my feet.
A.That’s the question.
B.That’s not the whole story.
C.That’s not the point.
D.That’s not the reason.

I choose B, is it right? thanks.

That is correct.

Hi , why can’t we chose “c” ? , what’s the difference between b,c,d ?

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D. That’s not the reason. – This isn’t suitable because no reason was given.
C. That’s not the point. – The person making the first statement didn’t really make a point, so there isn’t one to refute.
B. That’s not the whole story. – The person making the first statement gave only part of the story. He stopped walking to work because he was injured, not because he simply changed him mind.

I do really appreciate it Barb_D…

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