That the President manages the economy is an assumption

That the President manages the economy is an assumption (i) -------- the prevailing wisdom that dominates politics in the United States. As a result, presidential elections have become referenda on the business cycle, whose fortuitous turnings are (ii) --------the President. Presidents are properly accountable for their executive and legislative performance, and certainly their actions may have profound effects on the economy. But these effects are (iii) --------. Unfortunately, modern political campaigns are fought on the untenable premise that Presidents can deliberately produce precise economic results.
Blank (i)
A peripheral to
B central to
C at odds with
Blank (ii)
D justifiably personified in
E erroneously attributed to
F occasionally
associated with
Blank (iii)
G usually long-lasting
H regrettably unnoticeable
I largely unpredictable

Is there anyone to help me here to solve it?

Hi, sorry I have not really been checking this forum and have also been away for a couple weeks. I have an advantage in this one, as I know about economics and realize the president actually has very little effect on the economy. But looking only at the information here, if you start with the last blank, the “but” is the clue. It is not denying the effects are profound, so “unnoticeable” doesn’t make sense. "Long lasting would not really work either with the “but”, so the answer is “largely unpredictable”. I didn’t even look at the last sentence - that helps a lot too. It is saying that the idea that the president can deliberately control the economy is false. So looking at the first blank, the prevailing wisdom must be wrong, and the idea that the president manages the economy is also wrong, so “central to” is the answer that ties these two wrong ideas together. For the second blank, if the good things that happen are believed to be caused by the president, even though the last sentence shows that this is not true, “erroneously attributed to” is the only possible answer. Hopefully this makes a little sense - I am sort of writing down the ideas that come in my head as I sort through the options.