That is him told

“Sometimes you have to be grateful that English tabloids’ Photoshop efforts are mainly restricted to root vegetables.
German newspaper Bild have mocked up pictures of Thomas Muller, Philipp Lahm and coach Joachim Low with Cristiano Ronaldo’s Champions League celebration torso.
The headline reads: “Ronaldo, now WE have the winner muscles.”
That is him told.”

–That is him told.= He [Ronaldo] has been told\warned(?)

To me it sounds like an abbreviated version of “all told” - “With everything considered; in all”

That is him told. = That’s told him (what the true situation is).

It’s worth adding that this expression

has an underlying sarcasm about it by suggesting something like - That’s put him in his place.

Thank you, Alan.
I needed that detail.