Thanks for the lessons and the clear explanations

Dear Mr. Torsten,
Thank you very much for your first lesson.
I’m now looking forward to your next lessons. I really need to improve my English language specialy my listening and vocabulary.
Thanks again,

Dear Mr. Torsten,
I listened to Introduction and could get most of her word (for example she is from Bristol in England) but there are some details that I could not get them.
Best regards

How are you again.
lesson for was interesting as usual and I liked it very much.
I did the start-begin test and that was my first time to get five out of ten especially that I had read your article about it.
Also, I want to thank Alan for his explination about the differeces between the two verbs.

And thanks for your comments, Raja. Please enjoy more of our tests and lessons.

Hi Torsten

I am sorry. I couldn’t go through english lessons whole of this week. Since I am outof

Sydney at the moment I just managed to open the email and had the glance. Once I

return home by next week I will seriously sit and study. Thanks for the lessons and the clear explanations.

How is my english.Could you please correct my mistakes.

Thanks & Regards

Thank you for your English lesson,those has helped me to improve my English.My goal is to learn and understand English very well.It is so difficult to write and to express your feeling because as you has said above we will made a lot of mistakes.


good morning, thanks very much for those who are behind this great website. really tremndous and appreciated efforts, keep forward and thanks again.

Dear Mr. Torsten Daerr,
Thank you very much indeed for the information you (not U) provided in a private message reply, and a very special note of thanks to you for congratulating me on the progress that I have been making in my English course (please correct my grammatical errors if there are any).

Best regards,

Dear Noren,

Thanks a lot for your positive feedback – I’m very glad to have you on board and I look forward to your next forum posts.


TOEIC listening, photographs: Farmland[YSaerTTEW443543]

Hello Torsten, and all the members & instructors of this Site/ Forum.
My name is Noren Lee, I am 30 years old/ male, writing in a great rush. I am from Nepal or better…Republic of Nepal (an underdeveloped country but rich in nature), South Asia. Needless to say that the capital of my country is Kathmandu. The city I live in is Dharan. Nepal has just been out of the Monarchy rule. The cruel King has gone after the Constituency Assembly Election was successfully held last year (April, 2008). The (UML) Maoist party got the most number of votes (but not the majority by one seat) than the other parties. A new constituency is being written but as far as I am concerned, the job will not be done on time i.e. within 2 years. I am not a politician and I have definitely made a lot of grammatical mistakes (which I hope you will check out and explain them to me later). Tell you what, one of the greatest problems aside from others, we, the Nepalese are facing right now is 16 hours of load shedding a day! Do you believe it? Because of this, I hardly get access to the Internet. Two hours a day, and even that if I am lucky. Actually, Nepal is very rich in natural resources, there are rivers, forests, Himalayas, and above all, there lies the tallest mountain in the world, Mt. Everest. Lord Buddha was born here in Nepal. Well, there’s soon going to be load shedding, I must be fast, there are many things to tell you. Oh Jesus Christ, the power got cut and the UPS is beeping, there’s only a backup of 20 minutes or less left. More later, this much for today, bye for now. I really enjoy this Site, I have improved a lot and hope to make a lot of friends from every corner of the world.


PS: Sir, I will appreciate it very much if you will assess my English and in which level I am fit now. Basic/ intermediate or above… thanks.

dear Torsen,
thank you very much for your emails. I’m very happy when I give them. I’ll try to best to finish all your tests which you send to me.
thanks again.
best regard,

Thank you so much

Thank you too ;-).[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC listening, photographs: A family meal[YSaerTTEW443543]

dear Torsen,
as evrybody says, veryone is also to become a winner. me too. but my english isn’t good. I hope I can improve my english via email which you sent me.
thanks alot.
best wishes.

I am pleased to recive your emils and I am very thanks for your great helps to improve my skills in English lanugue and I hope to constatuate with yours .
Thanks and goodbye.

Thanks to the english test team for the information given.

the lession whick i received in the mail is very helpful .

plz keep adding new feathers in my cap.

thank you

Hello sir,
My name is Muhammad Imran
How are you sir. I hope you will be fine. I am wiating for your next email
sir, Can i talk with you on live

Mister Torsten!!! Many, many thanks for your help. I hope I’ll learn the English language better with your courses.

Elnur Kelbizadeh
Azerbaijan, Lankaran

many thnx 4 that gr8 site. my name is Shorouk from egypt

Hello Torsten

I would like to thank you for helping me in English your e-mails have been very useful for me ,every week I wait for your e-mail with the new lesson. As I studying the book that you proposed to me English Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy things are beginning to be clear but I still have a lot of doubt in my head.
Although I have a good pronunciation I want to improve my accent in some words.
thanks for your effort

Ara0655 :oops: