Thanks for Babylon dictionary!

Hi, that babylon dictionary online is really handy.

what is that? :shock:
I don’t have any imformation about this Service yet.
Where can I found it in the [color=red][b]best /bweb (ESL).

Thx A lot ESl.

Mba :wink:

Which web is the beast web, Mba? :lol:

Near the top left of the forum screen here you’ll find a Babylon link. :smiley: All you have to do is click on “Get Babylon 6 Now” and the link will take you to the download website.

As I understand it, you can download the program and test it for free for 30 days. Is that what you understand, FangFang?


Hi Amy

really, I don’t understand that.

you write:

please, look at again in my last post :wink:

Of course I am frolicing with you( :stuck_out_tongue: )

Thanks Amy but really I know what is meaning the beast .

when I wrote that, I was very hasty. :oops:


Hi, friends:
I didn’t expect to talk here, hehehhehehe! :smiley:
Dark , if you prefer “beast” to “best” you will have to tell that to your exam -maker, but i am not sure that he or she will agree with you ! He (or She) must be very angry ," are you crazy ,Sir?" :smiley: :smiley:
Yeah, Amy! That is what i want to say! :wink:

Hi Mba

A-HA! You’ve discovered the beast-editing function. :lol: :wink:

I should have been able to figure out what you meant to say, but I just understood the word “beast” as “beast” and my mental image of what a “beast web” might be made me laugh. I enjoyed it. :smiley:

Sometimes typos and spelling errors can be very humorous. I’ve made lots and lots of them in German. But, those are usually the kinds of mistakes I learn how to correct the fastest. :smiley:

So, have you now downloaded Babylon? What do you think?


Hi Amy :o

Really :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: you are the [color=red]best here…

Amy I want remember you are still my teacher and I’ll ask your help when I need it.

I’ll downloaded Babylon now.

I wish to you good day dear Amy :wink: